Why do people file workers & comp claims?

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Why do people file workers & comp claims?

Mishaps and unforeseen accidents happen in all kinds of California workplaces. Sometimes, a worker suffers a severe injury that keeps him or her from earning a living while in recovery. The option exists to apply for workers’ compensation. If approved, the claimant may receive a check that covers some expenses until he or she can return to the job.

There are scores of different incidents that lead to claims, but some types of accidents appear more common than others. Statistics vary by state, but slip-and-fall accidents are sure to be high on all state lists. A surface might be wet and slippery, or there could be objects in a worker’s path. Unfortunately, even minor falls can lead to fractures and breaks.

Transportation-related injuries also lead to many workers’ compensation claims. Workers who drive vehicles on the job may find themselves in accidents. Sometimes, an employer’s neglect of the vehicle contributes to the problem. Other times, the job may require working in hazardous weather conditions, another risky endeavor.

Also, certain professions may put a worker in dangerous proximity to electrical lines or toxic chemicals. Some occupations may expose the workers to both. Electricity and toxic substances could cause significant harm, which means that workers could end up off the job for lengthy periods when injured.

Workplace violence may also lead to injuries. A violent co-worker could seriously injure someone, which possibly opens the door to workers’ comp claims and lawsuits.

Injured workers may have other questions, such as what happens when deliberate negligence is involved or whether immigration status affects claims. Such concerns about workers’ compensation law might be best directed to an experienced attorney.

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