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Specific Injuries

Workers’ compensation cases are typically divided into two main categories: specific injuries and cumulative injuries. While cumulative injuries are a result of a collective trauma over time, specific injuries occur from single accidents and one-time events. If you have suffered a specific injury at your workplace, you’re likely to be entitled for workers’ compensation. Lawyers at our firm understand how an accident can change a person’s life. 

We have been representing workers in all industries who have suffered job-related injuries or illness. Whether you lost a limb, broke a bone or suffered a burn trauma, let us assist you. We will let you know whether you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, and we can guide you through the system. Even if you are not a legal resident of the US, you may still obtain certain benefits. Our specific injury lawyers in Van Nuys will guide you through a specific injury claim in a way that makes everything easier for you. Going through a work-related specific injury can get you the benefits of compensation and when this happens, we can stand up for your rights. We advise you to reach out to our specific injury attorney at the earliest and explore your legal options.

Workers Compensation Specific Injury
Choose Our Knowledgeable Specific Injury Attorneys For That One-Time Injury or Accident

Choosing the right attorney is important but here are some reasons why you should hire our attorney to get your specific injury case resolved:

  • We’re highly experienced. Attorney Fakhrudeen Hussain is an immigrant and former insurance adjuster who understands how workers’ compensation insurance companies operate. Attorney John Gutierrez has handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases in his career and is a former workers’ compensation judge. Together, we know the system inside and out.
  • We offer personal, caring service. You will have the chance to work directly with your specific injury lawyer.
  • We speak your language. We offer services in Spanish, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu.
  • We’re available. You’re welcome to walk in without an appointment, and the first consultation is free.
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Hire A Work Related Specific Injury Attorney In Van Nuys For A Fair Treatment and A Just Settlement

It is vital for you to work with an experienced attorney for a workers’ compensation specific injury to get your rights protected and to be able to fight back for your benefits. At Hussain & Gutierrez, our attorneys have been solving cases for the injured in Van Nuys for quite sometime. We look into all your legal matters and handle every detail so that you focus on your path to recovery. We believe in developing a close bond with our injured clients so their claim is dealt with the care it deserves. Our attorneys build a strong relationship with the clients by using their multilingual skills, fostering a feeling of comfort, honesty and transparency. So, contact us to get your workers’ compensation today before it is still cost-effective.

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No.  You should not provide any sort of recorded statement to the insurance company without discussing it with your attorney as it can be used against you.

Having so many complexities in the court, the right time to contact an attorney is the day of the accident.

On an average basis, six weeks, but it can vary depending on the severity of your case.

No. There is no specific minimum amount for the compensation benefits.

No, personal injury money is not taxable in any of the cases in California.

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