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Advance Parole

Advance parole enables some foreign nationals to return to the United States after leaving the country without obtaining a new immigrant or non-immigrant visa. Such aliens require advance parole before departing the country. They might not be allowed to return to the United States without a visa if they did not receive advance parole before leaving on an overseas trip.

Those who are involved in immigration processes, including those seeking asylum, temporary protected status recipients, and applicants for adjustment of status, among others, use advance parole. The applicant must submit a Form I-131 and get approval before leaving in order to acquire advance parole. The applicant’s immigration case will be assumed abandoned and automatically denied if they leave the country without having their advance parole application granted and a travel document provided. Therefore, it is crucial to apply for and receive advance parole before leaving the country. To maximize your chances of receiving advance parole and making a strong case, hiring an advance parole attorney in Van Nuys can prove to be quite beneficial for you.

Advance Parole Immigration
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Filing an advance parole can be quite a tedious process. You’ll save a ton of time and money by handling documents properly and following the procedure as it is intended to be followed. Get your first consultation free of cost at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez and get the help you need from a Van Nuys advance parole attorney that will assess your situation and guide you according to your needs and requirements, making the whole process go smoothly.

DACA Recipients Using Advance Parole Immigration

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) protection comes with the requirement that the beneficiary stays within the geographical limits of the US. DACA recipients are also allowed to travel overseas with a certificate proving advance parole. You may be eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant's DACA application must be approved before they may travel outside the United States
  • The advance parole approval must be complete, and a travel document issued before traveling abroad, otherwise the applicant will be denied entry and will lose their DACA status
  • DACA recipients must demonstrate that the purpose of their travel is for "humanitarian, education, or employment" reasons, and will need their humanitarian parole lawyer to submit evidence to support their application.
    1. Humanitarian purposes include travel to obtain medical treatment, attend to a sick or elderly relative, and to attend funeral services.
    2. Educational purposes include study abroad or academic research.
    3. Employment purposes include conferences, training, work meetings, interviews, or overseas work assignments.

It is crucial to keep in mind that even if the government provides permission for the applicant to travel under the advance parole, re-entry may still be refused. It can be risky to grant DACA beneficiaries advance parole, so it's crucial to get legal counsel from an advance parole immigration attorney. The advance and humanitarian parole lawyers at Hussain & Gutierrez can make sure your application packet is assembled properly. We welcome you to step into our Van Nuys office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Eligibility Requirements for Advance Parole

Not all foreign nationals will be qualified to benefit from advance parole. In fact, in order to be eligible for re-entry into the United States under advance parole, an immigrant must fulfill a very strict set of requirements.

Disqualifying Factors:
  • The alien is currently living in the U.S. without any type of valid immigration status
  • The alien is a beneficiary of a private bill
  • The alien is an exchange alien who is subject to the foreign residence requirement
  • The alien is currently under removal proceedings

If none of the aforementioned requirements are met, you are eligible to receive advance parole. This is most frequently applied to people whose conditions fall under one of the following categories:

  • The alien has a pending application for status modification
  • The alien has been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program
  • The alien has been granted asylum
  • The alien currently has an asylum application pending
  • The alien has been admitted as a refugee
  • The alien has been granted Temporary Protected Status
  • The alien's urgent personal need to move overseas temporarily is justifiable

How to Apply for Advance Parole?

In order to apply for early parole, applicants must, in accordance with USCIS:

  • File a Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, with USCIS
  • Provide all necessary and requested supporting documentation
  • Provide photos of themselves (as specified in the Form I-131)
  • Pay the required fees

Does Advance Parole guarantee admission into the United States?

No, similar to a visa to the U.S., advance parole, does not guarantee admission into the United States. Aliens who have obtained advance parole are still subject to the inspection process at the port of entry. It can only serve as a comparatively safer way to do urgent and necessary tasks that require you to leave the United States of America. Making sure you don’t have immigration violations is essential in this, which is often forgotten by advance parole or travel document holders. Just because you secured a travel document doesn’t necessarily mean that the border agent will allow your re-entry. Especially if the travel holder has multiple immigration violations, it is essential to reconsider traveling outside the country if you have doubts about possible problems by discussing with an advance parole immigration attorney.

Why Advance Parole Might Be Needed?

Typically, those who intend to travel abroad will benefit from requesting advance parole if they:

  • Are waiting for their applications to adjust their immigration statuses to be processed
  • Have been granted refugee status or asylum by the USCIS or have applications for asylum currently pending with USCIS
  • Have received Temporary Protected Status
  • Have been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program

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You should NOT leave the country for any reason after submitting an application to register permanent residence or to adjust status (green card), unless you have received prior permission to do so, or advance parole. Your green card application will be regarded as abandoned if you leave the country without the advance parole document.

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Generally, those who wish to travel abroad should consider asking for advance parole if they:

  • Are awaiting the processing of their applications to change their immigration status
  • Have received refugee or asylum status from USCIS, or have pending asylum applications with USCIS
  • Possess Temporary Protected Status
  • Have received compensation under the Family Unity Program

If you hold an H-1B visa and have submitted your I-485 Form, you probably won’t need to apply for advance parole as long as your H-1B visa is still valid when you leave the United States.

The best course of action in this situation would be to file for advance parole in order to assure that you can return to the United States after your trips abroad are over.

A foreigner may enter the United States several times while holding an advance parole document that is valid for up to a year, any extension needs to be submitted 120 days before the expiry of the current one.

It should be emphasized that if an application for advance parole is rejected due to abandonment, the applicant may submit another application right away, but it may still take many months for it to be processed and accepted.

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