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Cumulative Trauma Injuries and PTSD

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) don’t typically emerge in the victim’s behavior until some time after the traumatic event, hence the disorder is often referred to as “Silent Injury.” The researchers assert that such traumatic experiences from trauma injuries like cumulative trauma injury or brain trauma injury have repeatedly been shown to have far-reaching effects on the victim’s personal and professional life. The victims’ loved ones feel the effects, too. If someone’s careless or malicious behavior caused you to experience emotional distress, the responsible party should be brought to justice. 

Anyone with PTSD has been traumatized in some way. PTSD manifests itself in most sufferers as a form of mental instability brought on by frequent or random memories of the traumatic incident, triggered by anything or anyone in the immediate vicinity. The victim may also experience cognitive disability, which manifests itself in memory loss (including personal information), negative emotions (sometimes suicidal thoughts), and a general lack of interest in life. Such unfortunate accidents make it extremely essential to connect with a reputable law firm for trauma injury to ensure the victim gets at least enough compensation to support his healing process.

Cumulative Injuries Attorney Providing The Benefits Of An Immediate Response

If you or someone you care about has suffered a traumatic injury, this is your cue to get in touch with a one of the best law firms for trauma injury or hire a renowned trauma injury attorney to help you seek legal compensation, such as cumulative trauma injuries workers’ compensation, etc., to help in the recovery period and guard you from the unfair burden and exploitation of insurance companies. 

There are the obvious financial costs associated with treating any kind of trauma injury, such as hospital treatment, emergency room visits, and rehabilitation, but there are also the intangible costs associated with not being able to return to your regular routine or daily activities because nothing feels “normal” anymore. With that in mind, you can get the trauma compensation you so rightfully deserve by retaining the services of an experienced head trauma injury attorney to guide you through the legal process.

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Dealing With A Trauma Injury At Work? Hire a Trauma Injury Attorney for a Substantial Settlement

The victim and his or her family members are entitled to financial compensation when someone else’s negligence puts a person in danger, permanently altering his or her life and taking innocent lives in the process. Hiring a reliable and highly competent lawyer is crucial for the victim’s family to defend their dignity and case against insurance companies that exert maximum efforts to nullify or understate the severity of traumatic injury cases in order to reduce compensation, and in some cases exempt the victim and his or her family from receiving any compensation.

Hire Hussain & Gutierrez, we are not only experts in defending cases for trauma injuries, but also empathize with our clients because we understand the overwhelming pain and hardships associated with experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, whether personally or of a loved one. We will handle your case so you can focus solely on your recovery process.  

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There are numerous advantages of hiring a trauma injury attorney in Van Nuys, but most importantly it makes your claim stronger and minimizes the risk of any legal discrepancy.  And it puts the insurance company on notice. 

Your lawsuit will be based upon your claim, hence it is important to collect pictures, videos, dates and time to make sure your case has no loopholes.

The worth of your trauma injury claim will be calculated on numerous basis, such as:

  • Severity of the injury
  • Place of the injury
  • Effects of the injury on your life
  • Your projected life expectancy

It’s not possible to tell you the exact time without evaluating your case. It can take from several months to years and for exact timings you should hire an experienced lawyer.  Most insurance companies want to settle out of court.

The standard time to file a trauma injury case is within two years of your injury but in some cases there are variations so it is the best option to consult a legal advisor.

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