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Workplace Discrimination

Everywhere we look, everything we see is different from another. We see differences in status, in physical attributes as well as in power. But discriminating despite these differences can strike at the very heart of a person who is discriminated against. Discrimination can also happen in the course of your employment. Workplace discrimination refers to a condition when an employee sustains a different kind of treatment due to certain characteristics they possess. Workplace discrimination is considered to be an unlawful act throughout the United States. There are strict laws in California regarding preventing employees from discrimination. As per the law, there are no justifications for discrimination based on age, color, caste, sex and race. Unfortunately, even with these laws in place,  some people go through discrimination at the workplace. With that in mind, our workplace discrimination attorneys in Van Nuys practice expert strategies and work to investigate and litigate your discrimination claims, as they have done for numerous others.

Workplace discrimination lawyers at Husain & Guitteraz are national leaders in representing various clients who have suffered from workplace discrimination and have helped them gain workers’ compensation for their emotional as well as financial losses.

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Workplace Discrimination Attorneys Helping You File A Discrimination Lawsuit In Van Nuys

The initial step to filing a lawsuit against your employer is to file a complaint in the Civil Right Department, after which you will have to undergo a process of exhausting the administrative remedies. To skip the initial step, you can file a request for an immediate right-to-sue notice. After the immediate notice, CRD will evaluate your case to dismiss it or take it to court. If you are planning to proceed directly to the court, it is recommended that you have an attorney for job discrimination by your side so that you don’t face any obstacles. Hiring a Van Nuys employment law attorney from our firm can also help you take the case to California Superior Court, which would directly serve the complaint.

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Facing discrimination at work can be depressing and eventually creates an adverse impact on your work quality. So if you have ever faced discrimination at work it is preferable for you to hire a Van Nuys employment discrimination attorney and file a claim against the discrimination you have faced. Getting help from an attorney can significantly improve your case if you are a victim of workplace discrimination. The process of a discrimination lawsuit is complex, stipulating the legal advice you can get easily from Hussain & Gutierrez. Our lawyers for unfair treatment at work help you win the case and receive compensation for your damages. Whether you’re discriminated against for your age or your gender, we can handle it all. If you have queries come visit our firm and get your case evaluated by our top attorney without any initial charges.

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Collecting direct and circumstantial evidence from time to time can help you prove your case in the court.

California offers equal opportunities to all in terms of employment. The EEO laws apply to all private, educational and government employers with 15 or more employees working under an employer.

It is preferable to file your charge as soon as possible but the cap on time limit is 180 days to charge a claim on alleged individuals.

It is not vital to hire an attorney but it is highly preferable as an attorney can help you pursue your claim and ultimately get a favorable compensation.

The Civil Rights Department (CRD) enforces laws that prevent workplace discrimination in California.

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