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Trust in physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare providers who are in charge of your health can be misplaced and may constitute malpractice. In the US, medical misconduct is an increasingly regular occurrence. In fact, Johns Hopkins research indicated that more than 250,000 Americans die from medical errors each year, making them the third most common killers behind cancer and heart disease.

The workers’ compensation plan is designed for employees to take care of their losses. It benefits the types of injuries by providing compensation and medical treatment. Injuries are to be immediately reported to the supervisor so that he can issue Employee Occupational Injury and Illness Reports. But sometimes, these treatments can be delayed or performed poorly for several reasons. Medical malpractice can give you physical pain and problems leading to mental trauma. So, to get proper medical treatment and avoid medical malpractice, contact a medical negligence attorneys at our firm. We help our clients lower their bills with the insurance companies without hassle. So we can rescue you against medical malpractice by filing a case and making you win it.

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Medical Attorneys For Workers’ Compensation Helping You Hold Medical Professionals Accountable For Their Negligence

Medical professionals are subject to numerous claims, for example, wrong surgery, improper diagnosis, or pharmaceutical negligence. Our lawyers have dealt with a lot of claims and made it possible for their clients to win their cases. Some of the most common areas in which we have worked are birth injuries and wrongful deaths.

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Have You Been Harmed By A Healthcare Provider? Consult With Our Malpractice Lawyers In Van Nuys

In spite of contemporary medicine’s best efforts, sometimes unfavorable outcomes follow medical treatment. Not every patient responds to treatment, and some can even become worse. There are numerous occasions when negligence led to a poor consequence. Medical malpractice can range from the actions of careless doctors and healthcare professionals to those of honorable and renowned medical professionals who were negligent in their care of a patient.

Our medical attorney for workers’ compensation is here to guide you through everything concerning your case. Mr. Hussain and Gutierrez are highly skilled and experienced medical malpractice lawyers; their knowledge and expertise have made them the most prestigious malpractice attorneys in Van Nuys, which tells how he will best fit your case. The enormous success of our attorney has made it possible to recover millions of dollars for our clients. We charge our clients on a contingency fee basis, so for a free case evaluation, call our firm or visit us anytime at your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? Ask our team of experts

If you think there was a mistake in your treatment, immediately talk with your lawyer to evaluate your scenario and get a professional opinion.

There are several factors that play a role in such cases, Mr. Hussain and Gutierrez will help you sue the one who caused the damage.

One year. But it is recommended to file it as soon as you face the injury as the clock starts running on the day of injury.

There is no specific cost of medical malpractice attorneys as they vary from state to state but our lawyers charge on a contingency basis.

There is no fixed time period, but on an average, these cases may even take 2 to 3 years to settle.

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