How can a brain injury affect your life?

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How can a brain injury affect your life?

When California workers like you suffer from brain injuries while on the job, we at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez provide you with what you need to know to gain the compensation you deserve. Determining how extensive damage can be and how your life may be affected are just the start.

First, know that brain injuries don’t always manifest immediately. The symptoms you see may not be what you expect, as well. For example, brain injuries can cause more than just cognitive problems. You may actually find yourself dealing with mood changes. Depression or sudden aggressive behaviors are the most common, along with extreme and uncharacteristic mood swings.

Physical problems are a little easier to spot and many people notice them before they notice the mental or emotional changes. Physical changes can include blurred vision, problems hearing, trouble with balance, or even paralysis in some cases. You could also find yourself struggling with fine or gross motor skills, though it’s slightly more common for victims of brain trauma to struggle with fine motor control. Though rehabilitation has helped many sufferers regain these skills, many people suffer from long term damages.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury will almost always have an impact on your life in the short term, the long term, or both. Reading up on traumatic brain injuries may help you understand what struggles you could be facing, and learn what sort of compensation you should be looking for. For a good starting point, try looking through the information provided on our web page about traumatic brain injuries, linked above.

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