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There are risks involved in each occupation, but you have the right to seek compensation if you are gravely wounded on the job, regardless of where the injury occurred (the office, while driving a corporate vehicle, or on a construction site). Thousands of workers in California suffer injuries on the job every year, necessitating emergency medical care.

Specific and cumulative injuries stipulate typical workers’ compensation claims. Single accidents cause specific injuries, but accumulated trauma causes cumulative injuries. Workers’ comp can cover your workplace injury and our work injury lawyer in Van Nuys knows how an accident can change a life. Thus, we represent wounded or ill workers in various businesses. If you lost a limb, fractured a bone, or burned, let us help. We’ll help you apply for workers’ compensation and determine eligibility and benefits may even be available to non-US citizens. Our Van Nuys work injury lawyers will help you file a claim at your convenience and can present a case for compensation for work-related injuries.

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Our work injury lawyers in Van Nuys, LA are here to assist you if you have sustained a work-related injury. We are committed to responding to your inquiries and resolving your worries. We adopt an action-oriented strategy and fight to keep you and your injuries at bay by offering practical alternatives. We possess the expertise and experience required to develop original solutions and evaluate the different possibilities that are open to you. Because our clients are so important to us, we understand how overwhelming it may be to bear the expenses of an injury caused as a result of a work accident. You do not have to fight your fights alone. So, call us now at 888-997-3701 or email the firm.
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At Hussain & Gutierrez, our Van Nuys work injury attorneys have been solving cases for the injured in Van Nuys for quite some time. We believe in developing a close bond with our injured clients, so their claim is handled with the care it deserves. Our attorneys build a strong relationship with the clients by using their multilingual skills, fostering a feeling of comfort, honesty and transparency. Furthermore, we possess the expertise and experience required to develop original solutions and evaluate the different possibilities that are open to you. So, contact us to get your workers’ compensation today while it is still cost-effective.
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Yes. All employers in Van Nuys are obliged by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, even if they only have one employee.
Workers’ compensation covers medical expenditures and a portion of lost wages for injured workers. Workers’ compensation covers solely on-the-job injuries. Medical benefits usually pay the doctor’s bill and other medical expenses. Your disability compensation is about two-thirds of your wage. You will receive permanent benefits based on your disability rating if it is permanent. Retraining benefits are offered if you cannot return to your previous job.
You may choose your doctor, but your corporation may choose your first doctor. After that, you can choose a doctor that accepts workers’ comp insurance.
Yes. Van Nuys workers’ compensation covers employees with no status under California law. Thus, you can still receive workers’ compensation if you’re injured on the job without sufficient documentation.
The duration of your lawsuit depends on different factors. If there are complex legal and factual issues or large monetary damages, work injury claims can last a long period. If you’re recovering, your case may be delayed. After you recuperate, your attorney will assess the full value of your injuries. Accepting a smaller payment may avert a lengthy legal battle.

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