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Our government protects our citizens: every legal right and interest is accepted and protected by law and is subject to claim if it is violated. Similarly, employee rights are protected by labor laws and the violation of such laws is subject to administrative and civil penalties. But in some cases, your claim can be denied either by your employer or the insurance company, so make sure you hire a competitive lawyer. The Van Nuys denied claim attorneys at Husain & Gutierrez have experience in helping individuals who have been injured and are facing a denied claim. A denied claim can bring much agony to your life and add to your pain of injury. Insurance companies and employers must be held accountable for denying a legitimate claim. 

Our denied claim lawyers in Van Nuys are ready to serve you and help you exercise your right to appeal against the denial. But before you file for an appeal, make sure your case is strong enough to not be rejected a second time. For that, start by determining why your claim was denied. Once that is done, we can have all the information we need to file an internal appeal for your denied claim.

Van Nuys Denied Claim Attorney
Van Nuys Bad Faith & Claim Denial Lawyers Reducing Your Risk Of Rejections and Denials

To help avoid the denied claim, you should hire a denied workers’ comp claim attorney who considers the following aspects:

  • Make sure your insurance has not expired
  • Complete the claim request
  • Immediate treatment
  • No preexisting condition affecting the injury
  • Avoid having a heated conversation with the insurance provider because talking too much can unintentionally damage your claim
  • Avoid communicating with the business directly. Let your Van Nuys denied workers’ compensation claims attorney handle your postponed claim and speak with the insurance provider
  • Refrain from doing anything that could lessen the severity of your injuries, like sharing photos on social media, hanging out, and attending events.  Get well and law low. 
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If your claim has been denied, you are still eligible to recover compensation. After a denied claim it gets difficult to get compensation, but it’s not impossible if you have the right people by your side. Insurance companies take advantage of every chance, no matter how small, to refuse any sort of claim and reduce the burden of paying compensations, but with the help of a good denied claim attorney in Van Nuys, you can surely get your desired compensation. Despite being a complex game, our lawyers are here to play for you. Contact our lawyers for the best services if you are also stuck with a denied claim. You can call us anytime or visit our firm for a free consultation from your prospective lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? Ask our team of expert

If a claim is denied illegally the company has to pay all the premiums that are already submitted. In addition to this, the company must justify why the claim was rejected.

Insurance lapse is the time when you stop paying your policy’s premium and your grace period has also ended as per the contract.

Bad faith is when the insurer denies to pay your claim or to defend you on unreasonable grounds.

The two major reasons behind a denied claim can be incorrect or missing information that creates issues for the applicant.

Unless required by law, it is recommended to not disclose your medical conditions so that insurance companies may not claim that your injury is irrelevant to the job.

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