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Permanent Residence Green Card

A permanent residence green card is an important identity document recognized worldwide. 

The owner of a green card has the right to reside and work in the USA on a permanent basis. and has nearly all the privileges of a US citizen as an official ID document. You can live and work continuously in the US if you have a green card, which is also known as a permanent resident Card. Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be different actions you need to take to submit a green card application. Making it imperative to contact a green card attorney in Van Nuys.

Permanent Resident Card Van Nuys
What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Green Card?

Owning a US green card gives its holder nearly all rights equal to those of a US citizen. These include:

  • Unlimited residency in the US
  • Unlimited work permit in the USA
  • Unlimited and easy entry and exit without a visa or ESTA
  • Eligibility for medicare benefits and other government assistance after 5 years as a green card holder
  • The right to study at a US university without risk and up to 80 % cheaper than without a green card
  • The possibility of federal loans for students
  • Crisis security: Green card holders are usually not affected by travel embargoes
  • Uncomplicated obtaining of business and commercial licenses
  • Family members (spouse and unmarried children under 21) are automatically eligible for a green card as well
  • Application for US citizenship is possible after 3 or 5 years as a green card holder

Am I Eligible For A Green Card?

Through Family

If you are an immediate relative of a US citizen, i.e.
  • Spouse of a US citizen
  • Unmarried child under the age of 21 of a US citizen
  • Parent of a US citizen who is at least 21 years old

Fiancé of a US citizen or the fiancé’s child:
  • Person admitted to the US as a fiancé of a US citizen (K-1 nonimmigrant)
  • Person admitted to the US as the child of a fiancé of a US citizen (K-2 nonimmigrant)

Through Employment

1- First preference immigrant worker:
  • Have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, or
  • Are an outstanding professor or researcher, or
  • Are a multinational manager or executive who meets certain criteria

2- Second preference immigrant worker:
  • Are a member of a profession that requires an advanced degree
  • Have exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business
  • Are seeking a national interest waiver

Am I Eligible For A Green Card?

3- Third preference immigrant worker:
  • A skilled worker (meaning your job requires a minimum of 2 years training or work experience)
  • A professional (meaning your job requires at least a US bachelor's degree or a foreign equivalent and you are a member of the profession)
  • An unskilled worker (meaning you will perform unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years training or experience)

Through Special Immigrant

1- Religious Worker
  • Are a member of a religious denomination coming to the US to work for a nonprofit religious organization

2- Special Immigrant Juvenile
  • Are a juvenile who needs the protection of a juvenile court because you have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by a parent

You might fall into, for instance, through refugee or asylum status, human trafficking, crime victims, and victims of abuse. To learn whether you qualify for a USA green card, contact our experienced green card lawyer today for a free consultation.

We are available to answer your questions, and we return calls as quickly as possible. Call our office or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced green card immigration attorney.

Am I Eligible For A Green Card?

Besides these more famous categories and sub-categories, there are others you might fall into, for instance, through refugee or asylum status, human trafficking, crime victims, and victims of abuse. To learn whether you qualify for a USA green card, contact our experienced green card lawyer today for a free consultation.

We are available to answer your questions, and we return calls as quickly as possible. Call our office or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced green card immigration attorney.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Green Card In Van Nuys?

Let’s see below the estimated green card processing durations based on their categories:

Family-Based Immigrant Visas

Depending on the office where you apply for your green card, it can take anything from 7 months to 33 months. Some USCIS offices are busier than others and some consulates or embassies abroad may take longer to help you. It can take up to 10 years before you get your family-based green card. But this long duration can be minimized if you work with a specialist family based green card attorney.

Green Card Through Marriage

The average waiting time for a marriage-based green card is 10-13 months. As there is no cap on the amount of marriage-based green cards allowed per year. You can almost be certain of a marriage-based visa number available to you. The only thing that may stand in your way is your application and eligibility. You can progress rapidly with the help of a permanent residency attorney in Van Nuys. A marriage-based green card is also called an IR-1 visa. It’s a conditional green card that expires after 2 years. Thereafter you can apply for permanent residency.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Green Card In Van Nuys?

Employment-Based Green Card

You can possibly get your green card within a year. But it could easily just as well take between 4 and 6 years if you apply in a popular category that receives many applications. There are many different types of employment-based visas. Each has a different yearly cap for green cards (some even don’t qualify for LPR status). As mentioned before, this is a very popular category and there are usually more applications than actual visas and green cards granted.

We would recommend you get in touch with the best employment based green card attorney in Van Nuys for a smooth and error-free application process.

How Your Green Card Be Revoked In Van Nuys?

Having your green card revoked is quite difficult but not impossible.

Fraud: If a green card holder lied, omitted relevant information, or committed any fraud during the application process, his or her green card may be revoked. For example, marriage fraud is grounds for deportation.

Criminal activity: The INA details specific crimes that would subject a non-citizen to deportation. Crimes involving moral turpitude, aggravated felonies and certain drug-related crimes can all subject a lawful permanent resident to revocation of their green card.

Abandonment: An individual may lose lawful permanent resident status by intentionally abandoning it. You may be found to have abandoned your status if you: (1) Move to another country and intend to live there permanently; (2) Remain outside the US for an extended period of time (more than 183 days), unless you intended this to be a temporary absence; (3) Fail to file income tax returns while living outside the US; and/or (4) declare yourself a “nonimmigrant” on your US tax returns.

Keep in mind, this information is meant to provide a brief overview of the basic grounds for green card revocation. If you have any questions concerning your status as a lawful permanent resident, it may be helpful to speak with a Van Nuys green card lawyer. Feel free to contact our office at 888-997-3701 and have a free case evaluation.

Life In USA Without A Green Card

It is possible to live in the USA without a green card, but the process is typically complicated by deadlines, obstacles, additional expenses, and financial constraints. Your green card is the key to opening doors for you to obtain a loan, a permanent job, a driver's license, or your own home. You are safer as an LPR even during times of crisis, when temporary visas are frequently not renewed and aid is only given to US residents and green card holders.

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Experienced Green Card Lawyers Helping You Make The Right Decision

With all the benefits laid out and risks outlined, it is best to obtain a green card then apply for a US Citizenship. To help you with this difficult process and make your application error-free to make your chances of getting a green card high, contact a Van Nuys green card attorney. We welcome you to step into our Van Nuys office by scheduling a free initial consultation at 888-997-3071 or by contacting us online. Our team of experts provides services in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, and Spanish.

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Have a question? Ask a Van Nuys permanent residency attorney

A “green card holder,” also referred to as a lawful permanent resident, is a foreign national who is permitted to live and work in any location inside the United States, sponsor selected family members for green cards, and eventually seek citizenship.

The U.S. government may reject a green card application for a number of reasons, typically errors on the necessary papers, missing documentation, insufficient financial resources, or failure to establish eligibility.

Anyone who currently has a valid work visa, such as an H-1B or L-1 visa, can typically continue to do so while submitting an application for a U.S. green card. Otherwise, green card candidates must wait to begin employment in the US until they have submitted Form I-765, the application for a work permit.

Depending on when the I-130 petition that initiates the green card process was initially filed, the Visa Bulletin, published each month by the U.S. Department of State, indicates which green card petitions can advance. Congress has set a limit on the number of green cards that may be awarded annually in specific categories, which resulted in a number of backlogs.

The majority of Americans who are citizens or have green cards in the country are allowed by law to sponsor their spouses for permanent residence status, sometimes referred to as a “green card.” The total cost, waiting period, and other aspects of the marriage green card application procedure vary depending on a number of variables.

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