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The consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe. You run the risk of losing your independence, your ability to support yourself, and even your right to vote. The “Three Strikes” sentencing policy in California results in much higher stakes for criminal law trials. Your future is too important to rely solely on luck and chance. Whether you are facing a first-time DUI or subsequent offense, allegations of a sex crime, drug charges, or the need for post-conviction relief to help you start over, a reputable criminal charges lawyer in Van Nuys is what you need.

Especially when you are seeking a green card to allow you to remain in the United States, it is critical that you speak with an experienced immigration lawyer if you have a criminal record, because they can help you determine your options and might mean the difference between being sent to prison and being allowed to leave the courtroom. Our criminal defense team puts out unrelenting effort to establish your innocence and keep you out of jail.

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The Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez offers tenacious legal defense to Van Nuys clients charged with federal offenses. Our firm has vast experience defending clients accused of federal charges, and federal crimes call for a lawyer with specialized and detailed understanding. It is crucial that you retain a federal criminal defense attorney with experience in these cases if you are facing federal criminal charges.

Federal criminal investigations might take many months or even years before official charges are brought, depending on the particulars of the offense. A skilled criminal charges lawyer’s early involvement can frequently influence the investigation’s direction and save an indictment.

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We provide discrete, targeted, and strategic representation from the moment we are appointed. Many of our customers contact us right once when they learn of a criminal investigation that is currently underway. We have a unique opportunity to learn more, talk to witnesses, and engage with the police and prosecutor. A prosecutor’s decision to bring charges or not can frequently be decided by taking an aggressive and proactive approach. Attorney Fakhrudeen Hussain is committed to fighting for your freedom and upholding your rights because we are conscious of the grave repercussions and complexity of the penal code. Every case is unique, so we’ll collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and goals.

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The prosecution must file charges for the majority of misdemeanor offenses one year after the incident was allegedly committed. If the crime is a felony, the prosecution typically has three years from the alleged crime date to press charges.

The prosecution can also choose not to charge you or decide to end the case before trial. 

With the exception of Sundays and federal holiday weekends, a suspect who is being held in jail for a misdemeanor or crime shall appear in court “without undue delay” and within 48 hours after their arrest.

The accused will not be reimbursed for their bail money if they fail to appear in court on the scheduled hearing date or if they violate any of their bail terms, such as interfering with witnesses .If the accused is found guilty, the bail money will be returned after the case is ended. 

Charges can only be brought by prosecutors, or lawyers who work for the state government. Law enforcement can, however, be notified of a crime. A prosecutor may decide to pursue charges after an investigation and get in touch with you to ask you to testify.

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