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Permanent Disability

Most individuals who have sustained a work-related injury recover can return to work either right away or after taking some time to heal. However, sometimes an illness or injury is so severe that the person is disabled permanently and cannot return to their regular duties or work. The permanent injury can be traumatizing emotionally, physically and financially. In these cases they may need a permanent disability lawyer in Van Nuys.

Long Term Care for a Work-Related Injury

In California, the law requires employers to cover the medical treatment for workers who have been hurt on the job. However, that obligation does have limitations when the person has reached their maximum medical improvement, meaning that they will not see any more progress in their condition, and the coverage shifts.

If the person is totally disabled, they may be eligible to receive permanent disability (PD) benefits for life. Under California law, PD benefits may be paid to a person when their illness or injury impacts their ability to earn a living. They may qualify for these payments even if they can return to work.

This may also qualify them for other programs like Social Security Disability. However, to have a smooth claim filing experience, you should hire a lawyer for permanent disability benefits.

Permanent Disability Lawyer
Permanent Disability Lawyers Helping You Prove Your Eligibility For Long-Term Disability Benefits

Eligibility for PD is typically established by medical proof from a doctor or specialist who maintains that, in their professional opinion, the individual has reached their maximum medical improvement (MMI). This usually means that the person’s recovery or healing has reached a plateau. They are unlikely to see any more improvement beyond that point within the next year, even if they continue to receive medical treatment.

At that point, the person’s temporary disability benefits will end, and PD benefits will start. They qualify because the extent of the harm done by the illness or injury has caused permanent physical or mental limitations and is extremely unlikely to improve.

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Let Our Permanent Disability Lawyer Work With You To Get The Compensation You Deserve

It is challenging to navigate the laws and regulations surrounding workers’ compensation in California. Our permanent disability attorneys in Van Nuys are here for you. You can count on the experienced Van Nuys permanent disability lawyers at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez. We strive to help people who are denied disability, long-term care and health insurance. Our team can provide money for you and your family during this trying time where you can no longer work. Your case will be in the safe hands of our legal team, so call today for your free consultation and get the professional and knowledgeable representation you deserve.

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The amount of income you receive from the Social Security Disability program depends on the type of claim you have filed, your earnings and your withholding tax. The average amount of SSDI benefit is $1,197.

If you are a legal foreign worker, you can apply for SSDI because you have been paying the taxes in the country.

Unavailability of medical evidence likely will result in denial of your claim.

To prove permanent disability you are required to submit a medical certificate from your doctor which states that you have reached the maximum medical improvement and there are no chances of recovery.

You are required to inform your employer and file a claim for permanent disability within 30 days of reaching maximum medical improvement.

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