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Construction Injuries

Construction sites require a lot of physical work with dangerous infrastructures, and workers use heavy and complicated machinery, working on roads prone to road accidents and heights where the threat of falling is very high. Examples of construction injuries include:

  • Falling from heights: A worker can fall from a building to the ground or inside the holes at the construction sites. This can cause severe head or spine injuries causing a lifetime impairment.
  • Trench collapse: A trench collapse results in the blockage of air supply to the worker, which causes the worker to get buried alive or get severe construction worker injuries. 
  • Collapsed scaffolding: Van Nuys regulates scaffolding projects strictly. Still, mishaps can occur, leading a worker to thrust to death or getting severe injuries from a fall.
  • Electric shock: Construction workers are also exposed to electric shocks due to generators, machinery, power tools, and wiring being used at construction sites.
  • Unavailability of protective gear: Availability of goggles, protective clothes, appropriate shoes, and hard hats is important to use while working in order to avoid common construction injuries. Failure to provide these kits can result in a lawsuit against your employer, so our construction injury attorney can help you the best in this matter.

Along with these significant injuries, some workers also get hurt by other issues occurring at the workplace, like burns, illnesses caused by chemicals and toxins, and eye injuries. These common construction injuries can become a major risk with high medical costs.

Construction Injury Attorney In Van Nuys
Consult With A Construction Injury Law Firm For Your Construction Site Injuries

If you have suffered a construction injury, you need to hire a construction accident injury attorney to get the proper legal treatment without worrying about your finances. Read below to understand how our attorneys can help you:

  • Asses available third-party claims
  • Look after the workers’ compensation paperwork and expenses
  • Collect shreds of evidence of the incident
  • Keep the claim of construction injury updated
  • The appeal in the court
  • Negotiate a settlement with a third party


This is just an example of how our services will help you with your lawsuit. Our construction injury lawyers can help you in many more ways to receive compensation.

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Hurt On The Job? Speak With Our Van Nuys Construction Injury Lawyer

In Van Nuys, it’s almost impossible to avoid running into a working construction site. In California, flatbed trucks, bright work attire, and crane machines are as common as palms and bike paths. Construction injuries are extremely widespread as a result of the expanding building sector all around us, and construction worker injury statistics tell the same story. One can get hurt at work, on sidewalks close to construction sites, on freeways and highways, and in structures that are being built or repaired. Common construction injuries can many times escalate quickly, turning into ugly accidents with serious and lasting consequences.

 It’s best to contact a construction injury attorney to better understand your options and rights and get justice, for you deserve it.

The Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez is aware that working in the construction industry is hazardous. Hazards can arise at any time from the items these specialists use to the workers around them on the job site to the method bosses oversee the procedure. Mistakes can be devastating if they do. An accredited Van Nuys construction injury law firm can assist if you or someone you love who has suffered a job injury. Our group has fought for the rights of workers in California for many years. We are prepared to put our stellar reputation to work for you.

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Have a question? Ask our team of experts

No.  You cannot directly sue the property owner as it depends on the involvement of the owner at the site while you got injured, but there is definitely some liability on the property owner.

The property owner and the contractors of the construction site are responsible for your safety, but the liability of each party differs according to the circumstance and your accident.

Your compensation from your employer is fixed but the third-party liability can get you some additional benefits due to their involvement in the construction site and its safety.

Very. It is immensely important to have an expert lawyer as the track record mostly determines how a lawyer is going to work for your case. It also determines how well-informed a lawyer is.

Almost all the injuries that occur on the job are covered by workers’ compensation, but there are some limits to the compensation.  That’s why it is important to contact a construction injury attorney.

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