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Psychological Stress Injuries

Psychological injury refers to cognitive or emotional symptoms that can adversely affect the overall life of an individual leading to a change in behavior, feelings, and actions. While physical injuries are easier to diagnose and treat, psychological injuries caused by stress are difficult to treat and diagnose. Psychological stress injuries in a lot of situations are complex to prove and link with the job to receive workers’ compensation. For such reasons, you will need a good work injury attorney in Van Nuys, so that you get the compensation you  deserve. If you are also suffering from any sort of psychological stress injury, work-related stress attorney at Hussain & Gutierrez can share your stress by looking into all your legal matters and handling them for you.

There are several signs of psychological stress injury in your day-to-day life. Some of the signs of psychological stress injury are:

  • Irrational fears
  • Long term depression
  • Adversely affected personal relationships
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol and food items
  • Change in appetite
  • Change in sleep cycle

Repetitive stress injuries can be difficult to explain and more difficult to get compensation for, that is why it is highly recommended to consult an expert workers’ compensation psychological injury attorney that can help and guide you through this difficult ordeal.

Recoverable Damages Our Lawyers Help You Obtain In A Workers’ Comp Claim For Stress And Anxiety

Being injured at the workplace can make you eligible for workers’ compensation. These workers’ comp damages include:

  • Bills
  • Medical devices
  • Surgeries
  • Lost wage
  • Medicines
  • Temporary disability payments
  • Medical reports
  • Permanent disability payments
  • Death benefits.

There can be other damages too, but you should always keep in mind that workers’ compensation cases are always difficult, so make sure you have a competitive psychological compensation attorney.

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Get Help From The Best Attorneys Having Expert Knowledge On The Psychological Injury Law

It is more challenging to demonstrate the occurrence of psychological harm than it is to demonstrate a physical injury. Insurance firms frequently contest claims that victims experienced psychological harm. They might even claim that a victim is exaggerating their injuries and that they are not as serious as they claim. This mistrust of psychological ailments may make it harder for victims to back up their claims. Working with an accomplished attorney for psychological injury is crucial for this reason.

Have you ever been a victim of workplace injury which stopped you from continuing your work? Or have you been too stressed to carry out day-to-day tasks?  Our work injury lawyer in Van Nuys can assist you by searching the legal options to get you the benefits of compensation on a contingency fee basis. Contact our lawyers or visit our firm for a detailed initial consultation.

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Yes. In a lot of cases it is difficult to prove psychological stress injuries because the symptoms are often not visible.

Post traumatic stress disorder refers to a psychiatric condition that occurs after going through an extreme stressful experience in your life. This event can be an incident, injury, or a threat.

No. Psychological injury claims are most difficult to settle as a minor factor of distrust among the judges can cause a problem to the claimant.

Yes. Oftentimes psychological injury and physical injury cases are treated the same due to the similar law procedures.

It is the most important part of a psychological injury claim to hire a good attorney as these cases are the most complex ones and without a competitive attorney you won’t be able to outline the fault or liability.

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