How workers’ compensation benefits can help you

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How workers’ compensation benefits can help you

Some jobs have higher injury rates than others. However, every workplace carries the risk of serious injury. If you are hurt while working, it’s important to know how workers’ compensation benefits can help you through this difficult time.

Medical coverage

Medical care is expensive, especially if you don’t have health insurance. Workers’ comp should cover treatments that have been proven to relieve or cure work-related injuries and illnesses. This includes not only immediate medical care but also ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Lost wages

If you can’t work, you aren’t making money. The good news is workers’ compensation will pay you a percentage of your wages during the time you’re away from work. However, coverage of lost wages isn’t permanent. It’s expected that you will return to work at some point.

Job training

Your injuries may be so severe that there’s no way you can return to your old job. If so, workers’ compensation may cover the costs of a vocational rehabilitation program. A job training program can help you learn a new set of skills to apply in a different workplace. You may also be able to find a different position with your current employer.

Benefits for a permanent disability

If you’ve suffered a permanent disability in a workplace accident and are unable to return to any type of employment, you can apply for permanent disability benefits. The amount you will receive depends on the type and nature of your disability.

The workers’ compensation process can be complicated. Denial of valid claims occurs all of the time. You should work closely with a skilled professional who can help you recover the benefits you need and deserve.

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