You can get workers’ compensation for depression

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You can get workers’ compensation for depression

As more and more people in California and around the country realize that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, employees have started seeking workers’ compensation benefits for emotional and psychological damage in addition to injuries that affect the body. We at the Law Office of Hussain and Gutierrez can fight for your rights to ensure that you get the help you need to overcome depression or any other mental health issues sustained at work.

According to Findlaw, if your depression did not involve any physical injuries, you will need to show sufficient evidence that it is related to your employment. First, you will need to offer legal causation, meaning that you must prove that your work legally caused or contributed to your employment. You must also be able to show medical causation in the form of a psychiatrist’s or doctor’s evaluation stating that your condition was aggravated or caused by your employment.

In some cases, your depression may be linked to a physical injury that occurred at work. If you have an existing workers’ compensation claim for work-related injuries and those afflictions are causing you to become depressed, you might be able to add the condition to your case.

As modern employers and lawmakers continue to understand the effect that injuries in the workplace have on your mental health, your ability to get sufficient support will improve. For more information about depression and how you can use workers’ compensation benefits for treatment and recovery, please visit our web page.

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