DACA program’s future still uncertain

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DACA program’s future still uncertain

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program provides immigration protections for certain young undocumented immigrants. Many things have the potential to have major impacts for participants in the DACA program. One is how they handle the ongoing legal issues related to their participation in the program. This includes issues regarding renewing DACA status.

Another is the long-term future of the program. This is something many DACA participants may have concerns about in the current political environment.

Last week, some announcements were made by the Trump administration regarding the DACA program.

For one, it announced that the program and the protections it provides will, for the time being, remain in place and will not be immediately eliminated as part of some other immigration-program-decisions that were recently made. Among the things that were noted in these announcements were that work permits that are active will not be terminated before their set expiration date and that DACA renewals can continue to happen.

However, the administration also noted that no decisions have yet been made regarding the long-term status of this program. So, there remain uncertainties regarding the program’s future. One wonders what the Trump administration will ultimately decide regarding this program.

Uncertainty regarding an immigration program they are a participant can fill a person with a lot of worry. In the midst of such worries about the future, it can be important for a person to not forget to give legal issues related to the program that come up for them in the present proper attention. Immigration lawyers can advise DACA participants on renewal issues and other issues related to DACA protections.


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