What is mercury poisoning?

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What is mercury poisoning?

As you do your job in California, you may sometimes be exposed to mercury. If you are regularly around this substance, you may incur mercury poisoning.

You might develop mercury poisoning in many ways. According to Medical News Today, mercury is in some types of thermometers and health care machines. You might incur mercury poisoning if you work in an industry which brings you into contact with old paints. Additionally, some vaccinations contain mercury and this substance may also be in some dental fillings. You might also encounter this substance if you work in industrial processing.

It is important to take mercury poisoning seriously because it can have a consequential impact on your health. This substance may cause you to develop heart problems in some situations. You might also experience damage to your nervous system. Sometimes you may find that your reflexes become slower or that your limbs feel numb. Additionally, you might have trouble concentrating or lose some of your fine motor skills.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning typically depend on how much mercury is in your body. You might experience changes in your speech or vision or feel nauseated. Your muscles may sometimes feel weak and you might have trouble standing upright and walking. Additionally, you may notice that your mouth has a metallic taste. If you think you have mercury poisoning, it is important to see a doctor. Your physician can usually perform a blood test to determine if you have this condition. A blood test may also reveal how much mercury is in your body.

This information is general in nature. It should not be used in place of legal advice.

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