Tree-trimming safety campaign announced in California

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Tree-trimming safety campaign announced in California

One task some outdoor workers here in California perform as part of their job is tree-trimming. A range of significant safety issues can arise in relation to this work task. Accidents that occur when a worker is tree-trimming can result in incredibly serious injuries, such as major lacerations, electrical injuries and fall injuries. These injuries sometimes even end up taking a worker’s life.

In the past couple of years or so, there have been several tree-trimming-related deaths in California. The last month and a half in particular has seen a fair number of such deaths in the state. There have been four fatal tree-trimming accidents in California since Dec. 1. One of these incidents happened here in Los Angeles County; that incident happened on Jan. 6.

In the wake of these recent deaths, Cal/OSHA announced that it was taking certain actions, including having a statewide safety campaign regarding tree-trimming. One wonders what impacts this campaign will end up having on the safety practices of companies here in Los Angeles County and the rest of California that provide tree-trimming services.

As this discussion illustrates, there are some significant dangers that can arise for outdoor workers in the state. One hopes that companies that employ outdoor workers take care to understand the types of dangers their workers can be facing and take appropriate measures to help protect their workers from such dangers.

When a California worker ends up getting hurt while tree-trimming or performing other outdoor work, among the things that can have significant ramifications for them is what happens regarding workers’ comp matters related to their injury. So, when pursuing a claim for workers’ comp, a hurt outdoor worker may want a skilled attorney’s help with and guidance on the various processes and legal issues related to their claim.


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