The dangerous side effects of healthcare bullying

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The dangerous side effects of healthcare bullying

When you graduated from high school, you hoped you had left bullying behind for good. Unfortunately, as we at the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez are aware, many adults still take part in bullying behaviors at work. For countless Californians in the healthcare field, workplace bullying is a pervasive problem.

Professionals at the Journal of Emergency Medical Services claim that bullying in the healthcare industry occurs across the United States more than any other profession. You might wonder why this happens. As you know, the healthcare field is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. You and your associates are expected to perform your jobs quickly and accurately, often while working long hours in close quarters and with little rest. Not surprisingly, these stressful elements can combine to create an ideal bullying environment.

You or your co-workers might experience bullying on the job in the following ways:

  • Gossip, ridicule and exclusion from activities
  • Sabotage of your work duties, assignment of meaningless and insulting tasks or credit being taken for your work
  • Yelling, intimidation or threats by a superior or co-worker

As we have explained in previous posts, bullying and other behaviors that create an emotionally toxic work environment can affect you physically as well as mentally. You might develop chronic anxiety or depression. You could suffer from headaches, insomnia and chest pain. You are likely to dread coming into work and might feel as if your only option is to resign from a profession you used to love.

Our workers’ compensation page explains more about your options if you are suffering an emotional injury from bullying and other negative behaviors at work.

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