Can you return to work before you’ve completely recovered?

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Can you return to work before you’ve completely recovered?

As a construction worker, you regularly put your body to the test. Through lifting, pushing and pulling all day, every day, you can easily strain your back. And considering the heights you climb to, the balance much of your work requires and the amount of equipment around you, there is virtually always a risk of serious injury.

Getting hurt on the job can result in a workers’ compensation claim to help you manage your finances while you are unable to complete your regular work duties. And after recovering from job-related medical problems, your boss must allow you to return to work.

However, your doctor might allow you to return to work on a restricted basis. You may have permission to get back to earning an income, although you might need to complete light-duty jobs until you are healthy enough to do your regular job.

What are light-duty construction jobs?

Depending on your situation, it may not be wise to return to work until you have fully recovered. However, in some cases, completing tasks that take less of a toll on your body may allow you to return to work while allowing your body to heal.

Such light-duty tasks may include:

  • Purchasing materials
  • Updating worksite safety manuals
  • Selling the company’s products or services
  • Inspecting vehicles, buildings and construction sites
  • Answering phone calls

With your doctor’s approval, going back to work at a reduced capacity can help your recovery. It may also increase the likelihood of returning to your previous position, all while lessening the financial burden your workers’ comp claim puts on your employer.

If you suffer an injury on the job, getting the compensation you need is vital. And through a strategic return to work, you can decrease your chances of taking additional time off to recover.

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