Can injured workers qualify for both workers’ comp and SSDI?

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Can injured workers qualify for both workers’ comp and SSDI?

Employees who are injured on the job or fall ill due to exposure might be able to qualify for both worker’s compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The programs are completely separate, so employees in California can potentially receive benefits from both of them. Getting benefits from one doesn’t eliminate the possibility of qualifying for the other. However, workers’ compensation and SSDI have different requirements and are meant to serve different needs.

What are the differences between workers’ compensation and SSDI?

Workers comp is a state-run program that’s typically meant to be used as a temporary measure. If the injury is treatable, workers might be able to receive workers’ compensation until they’re ready to go back to work. Conversely, SSDI is a federally-run program. SSDI is a more permanent solution for people who won’t be able to work for 12 months or more, or won’t be able to go back to work before their death.

To qualify for SSDI, an employee must meet the criteria listed in the Blue Book. The Blue Book contains a list of diseases and conditions that could prevent a person from going back to work. An applicant needs to require medical documentation to prove that they’re too ill to return to work.

How can an individual collect the benefits they’re entitled to?

If a person is injured or falls ill on the job, they might wish to speak with a lawyer to learn more about collecting workers comp. The lawyer might be able to help them figure out which benefits they’re eligible for, apply for these benefits, and collect the highest level of compensation. A lawyer might also be able to work with the insurance company to ensure that they’re getting the most compensation that they’re entitled to. A lawyer might be able to work with both temporary and permanent disability claims.

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