If I’m an undocumented worker, can I get workers’ comp benefits?

California is home to millions of immigrants. In fact, the Golden State has more immigrants than any other U.S. state. California also is home to a large number of undocumented immigrants. They make up about 9% of the state’s workforce. As a result of having so many undocumented immigrant workers, California increasingly has adopted laws to protect them in the workplace.

Getting workers’ comp as an undocumented worker

So, that means undocumented workers can receive workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer an injury at work. Even if you work a job where your employer pays you cash, you can receive worker’s comp benefits. If you don’t file taxes, you still can receive workers’ comp benefits. Even if you used a false Social Security card or number when you were hired, you can get workers’ compensation. Also, undocumented workers can apply for workers’ compensation without losing their jobs or getting deported.

Filing a worker’s comp claim

Many undocumented workers feel intimidated by their employers not to file for worker’s compensation claims after a work injury. Some are unsure how a worker’s comp claim will affect their employment status. Yet, undocumented workers often work in fields where suffering an injury is common:
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Farming
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse work
If you suffer a workplace injury, you’ll need to get workers’ comp benefits to pay for your medical treatment and any lost wages. You shouldn’t be afraid for filing for benefits you deserve. You should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, so you follow the proper steps to get maximum workers’ compensation benefits.