Can I be deported if I file for workers’ compensation?

If you get hurt at work and you are an illegal immigrant, you are probably afraid that you will be deported if you try to get help. This isn’t true. California laws say that all workers can file for workers’ compensation and get money for medical treatment, even if they are illegal immigrants. You cannot be deported for filing workers’ comp. Your workers’ comp claim also cannot be denied if you are an illegal immigrant. All workers have the right to workers’ comp when they are injured. Your employer should know you are an illegal immigrant when they hire you, so they are responsible for providing workers’ comp for you.

How an attorney can help you:

If you are injured at work, it is very important to call an attorney. Here is how they can help: · They can help you pick a doctor or switch doctors if you do not like your treatment. · They can help you with paperwork. The paperwork can be very confusing, especially if you are not fluent in English. · They can help you get workers’ comp if your employer tries to deny your claim. · They can help you get other benefits, such as education or job training after your injury.