Construction site supervisors important for safety

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Construction site supervisors important for safety

Californians who work in the construction industry face numerous hazards while on the job. The dangerous nature of construction work makes establishing a safety culture on construction sites more critical. A recent study showed that many contractors rely on their site supervisors and job foremen to create a safety culture and train their workers about safety.

Essential components of construction safety programs

The Center for Construction Research and Training and Procore recently supported a study by Dodge Data & Analytics. In previous studies, researchers have found that contractors suffer from shortages of skilled workers. In the new study, however, Dodge Data & Analytics found that contractors emphasize the importance of supervisors and foremen in four aspects that they have identified as being essential for strong safety programs. They include the following:

• Involving job site workers in safety plans – 84%
• Having supervisors with strong leadership skills in safety – 83%
• Holding regular meetings about safety with workers and supervisors – 82%
• Providing continuing access to safety training for workers – 77%

The contractors surveyed for the study ranked these four factors as much more vital than other safety measures, including safety audits, staff whose jobs are solely focused on safety or regular corporate safety meetings.

Reliance on supervisors for safety programs

The researchers also found that construction companies heavily rely on their on-site supervisors to train workers about safety. Among the respondents, 73% said that was how their workers received training in safe practices. More than 80% said that they used OSHA’s 30-hour safety training program as a component of the training that they provided to supervisors even though the program was not meant for supervisory training.

Establishing a safety culture on construction worksites is crucial for contractors and the people who are employed by them. Workers must receive the proper training and equipment to protect them from suffering severe injuries or being killed in on-the-job accidents. If you get injured on the job, you may want to talk to a workers’ comp attorney. Legal counsel could help you recover the benefits to which you’re entitled.

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