Workplace injuries: What are the leading causes?

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Workplace injuries: What are the leading causes?

Most places of business in California have some dangers to them. Although precautionary measures can be applied, the fact is that the chances of some type of workplace injury accruing are never at zero. Read on to learn more about this workplace issue.


Perhaps the most common cause of workplace injuries is overexertion. The reason behind this is because a worker within any type of industry is at risk, even those working within an office. Overexertion occurs when a person places too much force on a movement. This can lead to muscle strains, tears and hernias, to name a few. The following includes ways people tend to overexert themselves in the workplace:

  • Pulling heavy objects
  • Pushing heavy boxes
  • Throwing heavy items

Slips and falls

The next most common cause of injury in the workplace includes slips and falls. Contrary to popular belief, these incidents don’t occur only when a hazard such as large boxes or standing water is present. Trips may also occur if you are within a building with stairs or sudden carpet-to-tile transitions.

Being hit by an object

Another common cause includes being hit by an object in the workplace. This is especially prevalent where large amounts of inventory are kept and could fall on workers. Unfortunately, it is likely that this type of injury will lead to the most severe outcome as any trauma to the head can be very dangerous.

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, it is important to obtain an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced worker’s compensation attorney may help you be prepared if any legal challenges come your way.

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