Worker falls at construction sites can be deadly

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Worker falls at construction sites can be deadly

A construction site has plenty of potential dangers. One of the worst is the risk of a worker who is high up on scaffolding falling to the ground. Falls from height usually cause serious injuries and are often fatal.

Roofer killed in fall at high school

A tragic incident north of California in Oregon is a recent example of what can happen. A construction worker who was part of a crew building the roof for a new high school died from a fall. There are few details of what happened, but he was likely standing on or near the top of the building before the accident happened.

The state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office is investigating. An OSHA spokeswoman noted that any time a construction worker is more than six feet off the ground, their employer is required to provide them a harness. Workers are also supposed to get training on proper safety procedures when standing on a roof or scaffolding, she said.

The other victims of a construction site death

We don’t know yet what caused this man’s fall. He was just 37. It is not clear from a news report on his death if he was married or had any children. Most construction workers have families that they work hard to support. When a construction worker dies, it leaves a devastating hole in the lives of their children, spouse, parents and other relatives.

Along with the emotional impact of losing a close relative to a construction accident, there is the financial loss. A family that relied on a construction worker’s income may struggle to find a way to pay the bills. In the Los Angeles area, one option could be workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits. Find out if your family qualifies for these benefits by talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer in your area.

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