Why companies should take safety seriously

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Why companies should take safety seriously

In 2013, 20% of employees in California and throughout America who died on the job worked in the construction industry. However, there are several steps that employers can take to minimize the risk that a person will be hurt or killed while on a construction site. Let’s take a look at why workplace safety should be a top priority for contractors.

Workers face a variety of hazards

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of workplace deaths in the construction industry are caused by falling from heights. The other three main causes of construction deaths in 2013 include electrocution, being caught in a machine and being struck by an object. Together, these four hazards resulted in 57.7% of all industry deaths in 2013, and individuals may be most vulnerable to getting hurt or killed when they work alone.

Having safety protocols can reduce response times

Ideally, the company that employs you will have a safety plan in place that makes it easy to respond to an emergency situation in a timely manner. For instance, it may be a good idea to have employees send status reports to monitors at regular intervals. If an employee fails to provide a report in a timely manner, someone can go check on that person to see if he or she needs assistance.

Workers can get more done

Workers who know that they can get their jobs done in a safe manner are likely going to be happier and more productive. Therefore, investing in safety equipment and taking time to train employees may actually save money in the long run. Furthermore, complying with safety regulations minimizes a company’s liability in the event of an accident. In some cases, failing to comply with safety regulations may result in a company being shutdown.

Those who are hurt on the job may want to consult with an attorney who has an understanding of worker safety laws. Generally speaking, injured workers may be entitled to compensation for medical bills or lost wages.

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