What will the future hold for international student enrollment in the U.S.?

In recent years, quite a few students from other countries have come to the U.S. to study. Last year, there were over a million international students here in America. But, might international student enrollment trends soon be changing? The initial findings from a recent survey raise some questions on this front. The survey polled 250 schools in the U.S. about international student applications. A fair number of the surveyed institutions said that they are seeing a decrease in such applications. Specifically, almost 40 percent of the schools reported this. This exceeded the percentage of institutions that reported seeing an increase in such applications (35 percent). Now, these findings are just a snapshot of application levels, and there are some significant limitations to them. So, they are not a guarantee that there will be a big shift in international student enrollment. However, they do at least raise some discussion points when it comes to the current state of international student interest in studying in the United States. What do you think will happen with international student enrollment in the U.S. in upcoming years? Deciding to seek to study in the U.S. is a big decision for a foreign student. It is also a decision that has some significant legal issues connected to it. Specifically, various impactful immigration matters can come up for international students (such as issues regarding F-1 visas). Skilled immigration attorneys can provide students who desire to come to the U.S. to further their education goals with guidance on such matters.


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