What type of benefits are available if hurt at work?

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What type of benefits are available if hurt at work?

California workers know they may have a rightful claim to certain types of benefits in the event of an accident at work. Employers carry workers’ compensation benefits for the purpose of meeting the needs of individuals who suffer injuries in work accidents or who are suffering from occupational illnesses. It may be in your interests to understand more about what benefits could be available to you.

Injured workers often need time away from work to fully recover from what happened. It can be expensive to take time off, especially if you are also dealing with expensive medical treatment and possible long-term care needs. The benefits available to you can help you address both your financial concerns and physical care requirements during this difficult time.

Know what benefits you can claim

As an employee, one of the most important things you can do to protect your rights is to know about the benefits available to you in a workers’ compensation claim. It is difficult to secure a full recovery when you are not certain about what you are entitled to. Workers’ compensation insurance generally offers the following types of benefits:

  • Temporary disability benefits – These benefits can help you if your injuries will require you to take a long time away from work to recover.
  • Job displacement benefits – There are benefits available that can help you with training and other needs if you cannot return to your same job.
  • Medical care – You can get help with will bills related to any medical need you have as a result of your accident.
  • Death benefits – These benefits are available to a family if a worker dies as a result of his or her injuries.
  • Permanent disability benefits – These benefits may be available to you in the event that you do not recover from your injuries and are unable to return to work.

You have the right to pursue the full amount of help necessary to get better and move forward after a work-related injury.

How can you know your rights?

Workers are not always clear on the types of benefits they can get, especially undocumented workers. Every person, regardless of his or her immigration status, has the right to seek help after a work accident. An attorney can evaluate your situation and clearly explain how you can seek the help you need and deserve. The aftermath of your job-related accidents can be confusing and complicated, but you do not have to face it alone.

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