What groups see a lot of workplace fatalities?

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What groups see a lot of workplace fatalities?

Workplace accidents can have truly massive ramifications. In some cases, the injuries from such accidents end up taking a worker’s life.

Some groups of workers see particularly high workplace fatality numbers. Recently, the AFL-CIO issued a report looking at U.S. workplace death statistics for 2015. The report pointed out some of the groups that showed high workplace fatality levels in 2015, including:

  • Construction workers: This industry sees a high share of the county’s workplace deaths. In 2015, workplace injuries claimed the lives of 937 construction workers.
  • Immigrant workers: Workplace fatalities among immigrant workers hit a 10-year high in 2015. That year saw 943 such fatalities.
  • Older workers: Workers over 55 made up around a third of the fatal workplace injury victims in 2015.

What do you think is accounting for the high levels of workplace deaths among these groups? In your opinion, what things should be done to try to help protect such workers and reduce fatality numbers among them.

A fatal workplace accident can have all kinds of major ramifications. For one, it can leave the deceased worker’s family facing considerable concerns about their finances and future. Facing these concerns on top of having a loved one taken from them can leave a family feeling very overwhelmed.

Families of workers killed on the job may be able to receive death benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation system to help with addressing such concerns. Workers’ comp attorneys can provide families of deceased workers here in California with guidance on what rights they have regarding such benefits. They can also help families navigate challenging legal matters that come up for them in relation to such benefits.

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