What can cause back pain at work?

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What can cause back pain at work?

Californian workers like you often go through conditions in your daily worklife that might not be the best for physically. You can end up suffering from injuries if you aren’t careful, and those injuries can impact the overall quality of your life for a long time to come. Today, we will take a look at back injuries at work.

In FindLaw’s article on tips for avoiding back pain while on the job, they go into detail about some of the most common causes of work-related back pain. Among these causes are:

  • Lifting heavy objects, or lifting any object incorrectly
  • Having a work station that is not conducive to good posture
  • Engaging in repetitive motion
  • Not taking enough stretching breaks while working

Many of these injuries have to do with the risk of repetitive stress, which occurs if you do the same thing too often. Some are related to the management’s handling of potentially harmful situations. This can include whether or not they provide proper work spaces, allow workers enough time to stretch or take breaks, or coach workers about the dangers of improper lifting.

Of course, there can be other ways to injure your back on the job, too. These incidents usually involve slip-and-falls, in which you slip on a slick surface or fall from a height such as a ladder, landing on and injuring your back. If you are a worker whose job involves driving, crashes can also cause back damage.

Regardless of where they come from, back injuries can be among the most harmful of those a worker may face. This is why many choose to seek compensation for the medical costs that follow, as well as potential time off work.

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