Road traffic injuries at work

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Driver woman suffering from neck pain after having a car crash and traffic collision, Slippery road in the city.

Road traffic injuries at work

Some people find themselves working in traffic on a daily basis, from road construction workers to those who drive large trucks. People in these fields may face a number of risks while performing their job duties, including the possibility of being hurt in a traffic crash. Moreover, people in other industries may be injured in a work-related traffic injury as well. For example, someone may be asked to run an errand for their employer, which could require them to operate a vehicle or even cross busy streets. The consequences of work-related traffic crashes can be staggering and injured workers need to know which options they have.

Some work-related injuries are not a complete surprise, such as those which result from repetitive strain. However, traffic crashes are completely unexpected and can turn a worker’s life upside down with no warning. Workplace traffic accidents can lead to broken bones, unbearable pains and other hardships that make daily life very hard and keep someone from working. Aside from the physical consequences of an accident, which can be terrible, the financial and psychological impact of an accident can be overwhelming too. For example, someone involved in a serious traffic accident at work may never feel comfortable performing their job duties due to trauma.

Our law office is all too familiar with the many challenges that workers in any field may face when a job-related accident leaves them sidelined. Fortunately, some have options such as workers’ compensation benefits which can help turn their unfortunate circumstances around.

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