Immigrants, deportation worries and the workplace

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Immigrants, deportation worries and the workplace

Fear of deportation can be hanging over the heads of immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, in many different places. This includes the workplace.

A recent state bill aims to put some new workplace protections in place for immigrants here in California. The bill would add some requirements for employers in the state when it comes to federal immigration actions. Among the things employers would have to do under the bill are:

  • Not share worker information that is confidential, unless a subpoena has been issued.
  • Not allow U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents into their workplace without first asking for a warrant.
  • Inform the Labor Commissioner in the state of workplace raids.

If this bill were to pass, what impacts do you think it would have on immigrant workers in the state?

In today’s environment, there can be some uncertainty when it comes to how federal, state and local officials and bodies will end up acting when it comes to immigration matters, including immigration matters related to the workplace. In the midst of such uncertainty, there can be a wide variety of different incidents at a workplace in which concerns and questions related to immigration matters, including deportation concerns, could come up for immigrant workers here in California. Such workers may want to take these questions and concerns to an experienced immigration lawyer.

Such lawyers can help such workers understand their legal and immigration situation in the wake of the workplace incident. They can also provide immigrant workers with information and guidance on their options and rights if deportation proceedings do end up being initiated.


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