Final week of September is Fall Prevention Awareness Week

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Final week of September is Fall Prevention Awareness Week

Countless people are injured across the country every year from falls, whether they occur at home, the workplace or out in public. Californians may reduce their chances of being seriously hurt in a fall when they understand the risks and take measures to prevent falling. This can be especially true at work, since there are numerous ways to fall in any industry.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released concerning statistics on falls and injuries. In 2014, 798 workers across the country lost their lives in fall-related accidents, and 261,930 employees missed at least one day at work after falling on the job. While anyone can trip, slip or fall in any setting, including a low-activity office job, some industries are considered riskier for falls than others. These especially include construction, building maintenance and cleaning, transportation and healthcare support.

The problem is so prevalent that the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence has designated September 23 through 29 as Fall Prevention Awareness Week. People can reduce the chances of serious injury or death by understanding that a dangerous fall can occur from the ground level, as well as from greater heights. Employers may want to educate their staff on the most common types of falls to their particular industry and provide the appropriate safety equipment. Employers may also contribute to workplace safety by recognizing and addressing risks, such as removing a cord from a walkway that could trip others and observing their workplace’s safety standards.

Hopefully this awareness campaign will prevent many injuries on the job. Employees should understand that they may be entitled to workers’ compensation after a workplace injury.

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