The most common workplace injuries

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The most common workplace injuries

If you have been injured at work, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of workers in the state of California and around the country suffer workplace injuries that leave them struggling to recover and regain the income they earned before. We at the Law Offices of Hussein and Gutierrez have detailed the most common injuries that happen in the workplace so that you can be aware of these dangerous situations. states that one of the most common ways to sustain an injury at work  is by repeating the same motions over a long period of time. Using the same muscles each day can lead to strains and injured tendons, while certain arm positions can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Even straining to see tiny things and lit screens can lead to vision problems.

Many injuries are also caused by objects falling on top of employees and workers falling from heights. In fact, tripping and slipping are some of the most common ways to sustain injuries in the workplace. Warehouses, factories and other establishments that house heavy machinery also carry great dangers for employees who may become entangled in the equipment.

Violent acts in the workplace are also dangerous, but do not cause as many injuries as the other types mentioned. The largest number of injuries are caused by overexertion, especially when duties require workers to carry heavy loads, lift, pull, push or throw. For more information on workplace injuries and what you can do about them, please visit our web page.

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