Burial expenses and California workers’ comp death benefits

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Burial expenses and California workers’ comp death benefits

A family can face many expenses in relation to the death of a loved one. This includes burial costs. Such expenses can be significant.

Now, when a family has had a loved one prematurely taken from them because of a workplace accident here in California, they may qualify for death benefits under the state’s workers’ comp laws. Here in California, do such benefits include the coverage of burial costs?

They do. However, there is a limit to how much in burial expenses such benefits will cover. Currently, California workers’ comp death benefits include up to $10,000 worth of such costs. As a note, this coverage is limited to burial expenses that are reasonable.

Given the financial pressure a family can be under after losing a loved one, what happens in relation to any workers’ comp death benefits issues that arise in relation to a loved one’s death, including matters related to burial expenses, could have some major and long-term implications for a family. So, it can be a very serious matter for a family when they run into problems when it comes to such issues.

Given this, when a California family suspects that their rights regarding the coverage of burial expenses or other death benefits aren’t being respected following a loved one dying on the job, they may want to promptly bring their suspicions to a skilled workers’ comp attorney. Such lawyers can assess the situation for a family and advise them on what options for responding to the situation law makes available to them.

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