Work-related injuries can occur away from work or off the clock

While at a get-together with your coworkers, you twist your ankle and fall, later finding out you suffered a sprain. Are you eligible for workers’ compensation for your injury? That would depend on the specifics of the accident. If you fell during your company’s annual holiday party, workers’ compensation might apply, but you would be out of luck if you were just having dinner with your office mates after work. At the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez, we know the circumstances surrounding after-hours work injuries in California can be confusing, and we are prepared to answer your questions. Injuries that are related to a work errand or activity off the clock or away from your workplace may be covered by workers’ compensation, as FindLaw explains. Additionally, the coming-and-going rule affects what is covered while you are traveling to and from your job before and after you work. For example, you would not be covered by workers’ compensation when you are driving home after work, but if you trip on the sidewalk in your office’s parking lot on your way in, that would count for workers’ compensation. The following examples can help you understand what also qualifies:
  • Being in a car accident while driving to a supply store for your office
  • Slipping on a wet floor at the post office while mailing a package for your boss on your way home
  • Getting hurt while you are at a business luncheon or a trip related to your job
Job-related accidents that occur outside your normal business hours or away from work can be complicated. Our workers’ compensation page explains more about your rights.