Workplace important violence prevention at all companies

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Workplace important violence prevention at all companies

Workplace violence could strike in any type of company, big or small. So, one would hope businesses of all sizes would take appropriate measures when it comes to workplace violence prevention. This includes making sure their prevention measures are effective.

A recent survey indicates that engaging in activities to assess the effectiveness of their workplace violence prevention programs is rather common among companies. It found that nearly 90 percent of the companies it surveyed engaged in such activities.

However, the survey also suggests that companies of different sizes differ when it comes to their likelihood of engaging in such activities. The surveyed companies, which came from a wide range of industries, varied in size from 50 to 400,000 workers. According to the survey results, the companies with under 5,000 workers had a lower likelihood of using such activities.

One wonders if the differences in the use of assessment activities between larger and smaller companies are leading to any big differences in the effectiveness of workplace violence prevention programs between such companies.

Just as with big companies, workplace violence can have major impacts within a small company. Such violence could leave the business’ workers with major injuries. The effects of such injuries could stay with a worker for a long time.

As with other workplace injuries, impactful workers’ comp issues can come up for workers after suffering injuries from being exposed to workplace violence. Skilled attorneys can help workplace violence victims in California understand what their situation is regarding workers’ comp. They can also provide such workers with guidance throughout the various stages of pursuing their rights under state workers’ comp law.


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