Workers’ Compensation: What It Is and What It Covers

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Workers’ Compensation: What It Is and What It Covers

As a hardworking employee, you want to know that your employer has your back if you’re harmed on the job. Workers’ compensation should provide some peace of mind, although you may need the assistance of a skilled lawyer to take full advantage of this policy. Are you struggling to understand how workers’ comp functions in California? You’re certainly not alone. Below, we explain what what it is, who is covered, and which varieties are available to California employees is.


What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and lost wages compensation for employees who are injured on the job. California businesses must use workers’ comp policies from private providers or the State Compensation Insurance Fund to ensure coverage.


Who Is Covered By California Workers’ Compensation?

In California, workers’ compensation is required for all businesses with at least one part-time or full-time employee. Exemptions are provided for sole proprietors, executive officers, and some LLC members. The failure to secure coverage constitutes a violation of the California Labor Code.

Employees are eligible for workers’ compensation when they are injured as a direct result of activities or accidents that have taken place in the “normal course of business.” Unfortunately, many claims are denied due to preexisting conditions or other concerns. When these claims are denied or delayed, the stress and financial challenges experienced by impacted families can be considerable.


What Does Workers’ Comp Cover?

California workers’ comp benefits take several forms, including:

  • Medical care. Various expenses can arise from hospital bills to medication and long-term rehabilitative care due to workplace injuries. Medical compensation helps injured employees pay for all this.
  • Death benefits. If a work-related injury results in the employee’s death, their family is eligible for compensation. This acknowledges, in part, a long-term loss of income as a result of the employee’s death.
  • Temporary disability. During the recovery period, injured employees may not immediately be able to perform typical work tasks. Temporary disability benefits account for this by providing compensation during the recovery period.
  • Permanent disability. If medical experts determine that an injured employee is unlikely to recover enough to handle workplace duties, permanent benefits (such as a life pension) may be available.
  • Supplemental job displacement. In some cases, employees may be unable to return to their previous scope of work due to the severity of their injuries. In these situations, supplemental job displacement compensation can cover the training and education needed to take on other work responsibilities.



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