What Are The Most Common Workplace Injuries?

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What Are The Most Common Workplace Injuries?

If you work in construction, you know there is a higher risk of injury for your occupation than there would be for many other jobs. You want to be aware of the most common workplace injuries to reduce the chances of harm to you or others. If you become injured on the job, you also want to know what steps to take to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation. Here are some of the most frequently seen injuries for construction workers.

Falling Object Injuries

Items falling from higher work locations can strike construction workers below and cause severe harm or death. While trying to avoid falling objects is essential, sometimes things are accidentally dropped by workers above you. One of the best ways to prevent harm from falling object injuries is to wear your hard hat on the construction site. Head and spinal injuries are common when being struck from above. Hard hats are not a guarantee of safety, but they provide significant protection.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repeating the same motions every day for an extended period can cause repetitive motion injuries. For someone who uses the computer, that could be carpal tunnel syndrome. For a construction worker lifting heavy objects, twisting in a certain way, using power tools, or other behaviors can lead to these injuries. The knees and shoulders often take the brunt of these motions, but repetitive motions can also harm other body parts.

Machine Entanglement Injuries

Many precautions are in place to avoid construction workers getting entangled with machinery. Unfortunately, even the best precautions do not always protect from injury. Becoming involved with heavy machinery can cause serious injuries that result in permanent disability or even death. Following all the safety requirements to avoid these injuries is extremely important. Despite this level of care, though, these injuries happen with frequency.

Falls From High Locations

A lot of construction sites require workers to climb significant heights. You may be on a ladder, on scaffolding, or the roof. Being harnessed can reduce the chances of falling, but there are not always objects to hook a harness. Some working areas carry increased risk, and there are only a certain number of ways to reduce that risk. Head injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries can all occur with a fall from height.

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