Understanding workers’ compensation benefits

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Understanding workers’ compensation benefits

When you are injured at work, you usually have many questions about what you should do next. We at the Law Offices of Hussain and Gutierrez know it is important for you to understand your workers’ compensation benefits and how you can get them.

When your employer gives you a claim form after you are injured, you may wonder if it is really necessary to fill it out. The State of California says that it is important to fill out this paperwork because you cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits without a claim. Completed paperwork also allows to you qualify for other benefits in California. These sometimes include dispute resolution if you experience conflict with a claims administrator about your medical treatment.

You should usually let your supervisor know about an injury as soon as it occurs, even if you do not think it is very serious. This is because you may sometimes be unable to receive workers’ compensation if a month or more goes by before your employer leans about your injury. After you have spoken to your supervisor, you can typically expect to receive your claim form during that working day or the next.

There are many kinds of workers’ compensation benefits you may have access to. You usually receive some compensation for the wages you lose while you are recovering, and this is generally a percentage of your weekly income instead of the full amount. Additionally, physical therapy, medication and any medical equipment you may require are all considered medical expenses and are typically covered as long as these are considered necessary for your recovery. You may also receive disability benefits if you are unable to work after undergoing treatment. More information about the financial assistance available to you can be found on our webpage.

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