Three workplace injuries and how to avoid them

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Three workplace injuries and how to avoid them

There are a number of ways you could get injured on the job if you do physically active work like construction. Understanding common workplace injuries will help you better prepare yourself to work safely.

Slips and falls

Falls are among the most common workplace injuries. These kinds of accidents account for one-third of workplace injuries. Possible injuries that can come from this include broken bones, pulled muscles and back injuries.

To avoid these types of injuries, make sure that you’re careful about where you’re walking and check to see if the ground is wet. You may be working in an area with bad lighting, so being extra cautious in these types of situations is important. If you do encounter an area with a wet floor or other obstructions on the ground, alerting your employer could help prevent other workers from an accident.

Vehicle-related accidents

Many physically demanding jobs use vehicles like trucks, and because of this, vehicle-related accidents are possible. Workers could be hit by a vehicle, get into a car crash, get hit by things that fall from a vehicle, or fall from a vehicle. These are just some of the many injuries that can result from an auto accident. Maintaining the correct speed limit and making sure routes avoid pedestrian areas can help ensure a safer environment.

Repetitive stress injuries

As one of the fastest growing workplace injuries, repetitive stress injuries include over 100 types of injuries caused on the job. This type of injury can stop a worker from being able to perform their job. Lifting things improperly or lifting items that are very heavy often causes injuries. Ways to avoid this type of injury include taking breaks to rest and stretch. Being able to switch between a lifting task and a less intense task can also reduce pain.

Working in a physically demanding job can often put you at risk for workplace injuries. Understanding the different types of possible injuries and making proactive decisions to ensure your safety can help point you in the right direction.

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