Safety strategies for industrial worksites

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Safety strategies for industrial worksites

Approximately 275 Americans lose their lives each day from illnesses and injuries associated with their places of work. Many times, the loss of health or life is due to exposure to a workplace hazard that happened quite some time ago. These facts are concerning to California residents who earn their livings at industrial worksites.

The CEO of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) explains that many causes of industrial injuries and illnesses do not manifest themselves in the short term. This fact makes it difficult for people whose job it is to protect workers in industrial settings. To illustrate his point, the CEO gives the example of a safety officer tasked with convincing workers of the importance of wearing ear protection to prevent injuries that may not affect them for two decades.

The AIHA’s approach in its quest to protect industrial workers against serious illness includes three steps. The first step in the process is to ensure workers understand both the dangers they face in the workplace and how they can protect themselves from these hazards.

The next step in the AIHA approach is to speak with businesses regarding the safety training and personal protective equipment their employees require. The third and final step is to reach out to high school students so that the practices that will later keep them safe in the workforce can become a part of their mindset in the present.

The AIHA’s CEO says the work the organization does is with the intent to save workers and their families. He says the AIHA understands the devastating effects that happen to a family when its main source of income is lost. He also explains that extending the lives of employees will also help companies prosper.

The occurrence of industrial injuries or illnesses at work can bring devastating consequences to workers and their families. A lawyer who is knowledgeable about workers’ compensation law may help individuals recover the compensation to which they are entitled when injured or made sick as a result of workplace conditions.

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