How could a severe crush injury affect you?

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How could a severe crush injury affect you?

As an employee in California who spends time surrounded by heavy equipment and dangerous machinery, your work comes with plenty of risks. Crush injuries are one of said risks. How can a crush injury affect your overall quality of life, especially if it’s severe?

MedlinePlus takes a look at the damage crush injury accidents can cause. Some damages are more typically associated with crush wounds. This includes lacerations, broken bones or bruising. However, being crushed can also result in:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Nerve injury
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Secondary infection
  • Open sores

Compartment syndrome, infections, and open sores are talked about much less frequently. These injuries can be pervasive and last long after the crush incident occurs. They’re usually present in more severe cases, where you have been pinned or crushed for a longer period of time. Secondary infections can be the result of certain areas of the body having the blood flow cut off. Compartment syndrome causes damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other soft tissue. It’s the result of increased and prolonged pressure on or in the legs or arms.

Being safely removed from a situation in which you’ve been pinned or crushed for a long time is crucial. In some cases, there may be build-ups of dangerous fluids. Once the obstruction is removed, these fluids may start circulating again which can result in rapid health deterioration.

Any of these complications can have a profound impact on your health, recovery, and life after the incident. This is why many people may wish to seek compensation to help cover medical costs.

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