Employer responsibility during workers & compensation filings

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Employer responsibility during workers & compensation filings

Accidents unfortunate incidents that often cause injury or damage to an individual. These accidents can occur in California workplaces even when companies do all they can to provide the training and proper environment to prevent them.


How workers’ compensation works


Both business owners and employees can benefit from workers’ compensation benefits. Worker’s comp provides the necessary compensation for workers to recover from injuries and lost time at work while protecting employers from lawsuits. Benefits are paid to employees regardless of the circumstances of the accident. The fact makes it unnecessary to argue about the fault in an accident.


Steps employers should take


Employers should think first of the injured employee when there is an accident in the workplace. Paperwork and the claims process are important, but it just as important to express empathy and concern for the worker. Employers should reach out to workers as soon as they are injured and maintain a level of communication with them as they recuperate. Employees are the top asset for any company, and the way company leaders treat an injured worker will demonstrate their understanding of this fact.

Employers are responsible for gathering evidence whenever an injured worker files a workers’ compensation claim. Employees should document the interviews of employees who witnessed the incident. Video evidence could be useful if a camera captured the event that caused the injury. These actions will help employers set conditions that make it unlikely that the same type of accident can happen again.

Employers should act swiftly following an injury to an employee. The employee should receive claim files within a day of the reported incident, and the entirety of gathered information should reach the carrier of the workers’ compensation plan within the required time frame.


Seeking help for workers’ comp benefits


An injury in the workplace represents a loss for both workers and employers alike. Individuals who are injured on the job and possess questions regarding the worker’s comp process may benefit from speaking with an attorney.

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