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Wrongful Termination

Your job plays a significant role in your life and is essential to the wellbeing of your entire family. It should never be the case that you lose your employment as a result of an employer’s illegal, dishonest, or discriminatory actions. However, even if your claims are valid, employees who have been unlawfully terminated frequently have to deal with a powerful corporate defendant who has the financial means to defend against these claims. Wrongful termination is something that you should never tolerate. You have the right to be protected from unfair termination that contravenes public policy even if your employment is “at-will.” This includes discrimination against individuals based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, or any other protected characteristic. A wrongful termination attorney in Van Nuys can help you hold employers accountable for the harm they have caused if you have reason to believe your employer terminated you in an illegal manner.

It is crucial to have knowledgeable legal representation on your side so you won’t have to battle alone. Termination should be based only on a cause because a worker can claim a lawsuit against the company if termination is capricious. If you are also going through the issue of wrongful termination, hire a wrongful termination attorney from Hussain & Gutierrez to win your claim.

Van Nuys wrongful termination attorneys building a strong suit against unlawful discharge

Have you been wrongfully terminated? Did your employer terminate you without any valid reason? Do you want to file a lawsuit against your employer? Hussain & Gutierrez is here for your rescue so if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated and want justice, contact our best wrongful termination lawyer in Van Nuys. Our lawyers are ready to file a claim and ensure the victory of your claim to help you get your position back. Our experienced wrongful termination attorneys only charge you a fee once you win the case on a contingent basis. So what are you waiting for? Come visit our firm and have a detailed consultation session with our lawyers to make it easy for your lawsuit.

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Van Nuys Wrongful Termination Law Firm Protecting Your Dignity Against Unlawful Dismissal

Almost all states have different regulations pertinent to termination but what unites the law is that each and every state protects employees from wrongful termination. Despite the efforts of the state, some workers face wrongful termination. If you are among them, follow the steps below:

  • You should know the state and federal laws concerning wrongful termination
  • You should thoroughly read the terms of your employment contract and understand them to avoid any dispute or breach
  • If you are a victim of wrongful termination, you should take help from the labor department and councils to follow the tips
  • You should consult the human resource department in order to gain insight into the termination policy or if you are entitled to pay for previous working days

There is a list of unemployment benefits that you can get against wrongful termination. But first, visit the website of Hussain & Gutierrez and analyze whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits. While dealing with such cases, you should hire one of the best wrongful termination lawyers in Van Nuys to ensure that you win the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? Ask our team of experts

Yes, employees can receive unemployment insurance if they have been fired on baseless issues as all the employers pay the unemployment payroll taxes in California.

In sudden wrongful terminations there are no written explanations for your termination. The only thing that can evaluate the reason behind your termination are discriminatory patterns and changed attitudes from the employers.

At-will employment refers to the condition where an employer can fire you at any time and for any reason without giving any justification.

Discrimination based termination is when the employer terminates you on the basis of discriminatory factors, such as:

  • age
  • race
  • gender
  • color

You should immediately send a legal notice to your employer by hiring an unlawful termination lawyer, as a good attorney can fight a case for your claim and help you get your job back.

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