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Sartorial Splendor

I’m writing this review because it is well deserved. I was referred to the law offices of Hussain & Gutirerrez for my workers compensation case. I was told he was a great workers compensation attorney and he was just that. I experienced a work injury in the beginning of the this year and was sort of helpless because I didn’t know the next steps or the process. After the first day that I called, I felt I was in great hands so i took the chance with them. His assistant, Irma Garay worked diligently with me for the last six months until my case was settled. She was very organized, patient, and VERY informative. Mr. Hussain is an awesome example of what a great workers compensation attorney should display. He was very thorough, honest, and forward. He fought for me a great settlement and I am still at awe of the amount. I”m so appreciative that I was referred to them. You are in great hands if you ever need a workers compensation attorney. I recommend the Law Offices of Hussain & Gutierrez. Every expectation was met and beyond. I’m extremely grateful.Thanks again Mr. Hussain and your amazing staff!C.Mars