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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a global problem that leaves varying impacts on the victims. Your workplace is your second home where you spend most of the hours of your day, and that automatically demands it to be a safe place. But, if, unfortunately, you have faced sexual harassment at your workplace, mind it! You are not alone. Workers all across the world have faced sexual harassment at their workplaces once in a lifetime. One of the studies conducted by EEOC states that one out of four and one out of every five individuals face sexual harassment at their workplaces. Despite what is happening in the world, you should know that workplace harassment is illegal and being a victim, you should hire a sexual harassment lawyer in Van Nuys to help you file a lawsuit against the culprit. The team of legal experts at Hussain & Gutierrez can help you with your sexual harassment claim as they hold expertise in the folllowing practice area with a tremendous track record of winning such cases against the perpetrators. 

Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Van Nuys Helping You Determine Liability

In light of California law, a worker who creates a harmful environment while harassing the victim is liable under a sexual harassment claim. The severity of the claim gets high if the executioner is from the top hierarchy or the employer. In addition to this, the failure to take action against the harasser also falls into the account of the employer, making him liable. Despite being sexually harassed, you cannot individually file a case as you need to get the ‘sue-notice’ from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). Lawyers for the sexually harassed workers at our firm can help you file a petition against your harasser and determine the liability. 

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The Best Sexual Harassment Attorneys In Van Nuys Establishing Your Right To Legal Protection

Workplace sexual harassment can have serious repercussions on the lives of the victims, causing them physical and emotional stress that may last forever. If you have also been through this trauma, let us help you bring the perpetrators to justice. The work sexual harassment lawyers at Husain & Gutierrez have been working tirelessly to bring justice to victims like you, and we can do the same for you. We have experience investigation, preparing and litigating a sexual harassment lawsuit. Our attorneys will take a brief history of your workplace along with the details of the incident and will guide you throughout this journey to make sure you walk on the right legal path and win the lawsuit against the harasser. So, come visit us or call us for an initial conversation with our attorney to protect your legal rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question? Ask our Van Nuys workplace sexual harassment attorney

First of all, you will have to prove that the act was sexual in nature, then you will have to prove that it was a forceful act and the refusal resulted in damages from the employer’s side.

If no one was present when the incident took place, you should make sure to hire an attorney and follow a proper process of claim by preparing enough written documents to elaborate the incident and make your case stronger.

According to the law of California, simple teasing and harmless comments don’t constitute illegal. Sexual harassment is considered illegal when it is severely affecting the victim and frequently occurs at the workplace resulting in the hostile environment.

The law of California states the recovery of compensation for your monetary and non-monetary losses against the harasser or the employer who did nothing to stop the sexual harassment at the workplace.

If you are being harassed at the workplace you should immediately try to record the situation, then hire an attorney and file a complaint against the harasser or the employer.

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