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Religious Discrimination

Being a land of religious freedom, the United States of America promises a safe workplace for everyone. But despite strict laws, some workplaces have an environment that treats employees with discrimination based on their religious ideology. That said, workplace discrimination of any form is prohibited under California law. A lot of people face discrimination at their workplaces in numerous ways but to stop this, our Van Nuys religious discrimination attorneys are here to serve you with justice. 

Employees are entitled to freely practice their religion. That’s especially true among school districts and other public employees. Employers are permitted to set reasonable limitations on how, when, and where employees can work. These limitations’ nature gives rise to a lot of employment law conflicts. Many companies think that their concerns with their financial well-being take precedence over a person’s right to free expression. At least in most instances, these employers are mistaken.

Our religious discrimination attorney can help you identify the laws of the state to find achievable solutions to religious discrimination in the workplace. One of the most common and emotionally distressing categories of workplace discrimination is religious discrimination. If you are also going through this stressful situation, you are at just where you need to be. Our attorneys for religious discrimination at Hussain & Gutierrez represent their clients to build a strong lawsuit.

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The discrimination claims are handled by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the California Civil Right Department (CDR). As the first step, you are recommended to file a complaint with any of these two agencies. After filing a lawsuit, your case will be reviewed, and finally, the jury will announce the decision. The decision is mostly in favor of an applicant as the law on religious discrimination in the workplace in Van Nuys is very particular. But to have a legally strong position, you can file for an immediate lawsuit with the help of an attorney who will fight for your rights and negotiate a favorable outcome.

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The right to freedom of religion must be preserved. Many different religions coexist in the United States, however occasionally they fight. Given the wide range of opinions, some employees face discrimination at work because they adhere to a particular religious organization. Such prejudice has no place in a population with such diversity, but it is a sad reality that is likely to persist in some workplace situations. It is against the law to discriminate against employees at work, thus you should do all in your power to hold the offender accountable.

We believe in equality and defend the discrimination on any basis. so, if you or your loved one has ever suffered from it, come to us. At Hussain & Gutierrez, our religious discrimination attorneys are committed to ratifying the rights of their clients who have experienced religious discrimination. Attorneys in our discrimination group have successfully pursued religious discrimination in the workplace cases with the record of recovering millions of dollars as workers’ compensation. For a free consultation with our legal experts, drop by our office or contact us by phone.

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To promote religious tolerance at the workplace, employers should educate the employees, stop people from hurting each other’s religious beliefs, introduce a silent room, provide religious holidays and strictly prohibit religious hatred.

Religious discrimination is when you treat a colleague or an employee differently because of their religious beliefs.

Yes, religious discrimination is illegal in the USA under Title VII of Civil Rights Acts 1964.

Religious accommodation is when your employer does not refrain you from doing certain religious actions at the workplace, such as wearing a scarf, having a beard or offering prayers.

To prove religious discrimination you should show that you have been treated differently at the workplace just because of your religion and that such discrimination has led to a hostile work environment on the basis of your religious identity.

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